Wednesday, January 13, 2010


1. After reading Dylan Thomas's Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night I got a sense of heroism in it, also a bit of violence. I suppose that the poem was reflecting something of war. The war must have been in the ocean because it reveals that there are waaves. You could feel the passion that the heroism and violence brought on. I chose a photo of a gun because that is what war and violence represent.

2. Gwendylon Brook's We Real Cool is making fun of people who pretend to be cool. I get more of a sarcastic feel and maybe a hint of anger. It's a simple poem but it's straight to the point, whomever "we" is they are cool because of the things they do. I assume Brooks isn't talking about himself, but about people who act a certain way believe they are cool. At the end I can imagine that is where the anger part comes in. I chose a picture of a saxophone player because it reminds me of the time period where jazz was popular. This poem may be in the wrong time period, but it's what I imagine; a kid rebelling going to a jazz club.

3. In I Felt A Funeral in My Brain there was an obvious sense of sadness. The narrator or whomever was at a funeral and she/he was so sad that she/he felt numb. I also felt some kind of inner body feeling where I can relate because I've experienced with a death. When Dickinson writes "... and I dropped down and down..." I understand the lost feeling of one might go through. I chose a picture of someon having no emotion. You can't see the girls face because it would show how she felt and in the poem she/he was numb.

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  1. Excellent choice of images. Well-done!
    Grade = 15/15