Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Music Poetry

Amos Lee- Dreamin'
My soul is as open as the sky
Often time it’s just as blue
People tell me to keep on dreaming
That’s just what I’m gonna do

Now everybody want to treat me like a house fly
Turn me around and tell me to shoo
They want to tell me to keep on dreaming
That’s just what I’m gonna do

Every moral has a story
Every hand needs a glove
Sometime it’s for the glory
Ah, but mostly, it’s for the love
It’s the love
It’s the love
It’s the love that pulls me through
So when they tell me to keep on dreaming
That’s just what I’m gonna do

That’s just what I’m gonna do

New Boyz- You're A Jerk
I'm so cocky with it got my iced out clubs like rocky hit
Got your girl on my swagg she lovin them jerkin songs
Like the new ipod just touch it and turn her on
And when the bass start beatin and the waist I'm beatin
Done I got on my way I'm leavin she like where your goin I ain't got my shoes and purse
I said it's none of your concern and she yelled (your a jerk!)
So I walked out the door, called Ben J. told him it's a function he said I'm on my way
We pulled up to the party ices on my shirt and got geeked up everybody jerkin
We was jerkin to the right jerkin to the left then she popped out of nowhere she was still half dressed
She like fareal jerk you love it but it's sumthin the whole party heard her but all I could hear was

Amos Lee's Dreamin is a poetic song because his lyrics are meaningful and not written to catch someone's attention like New Boyz's You're a Jerk. Besides being really annoying the song was basically written by teenagers who wanted a hit that got them famous fast. I'm not saying they aren't talented but just the song isn't meant for a poetic purpose but for entertainment.

1. I think certain kind of Rap/ Hip-Hop songs are considered poetic expression. As with any other genre of music it depends on the artist. Many people find Tupac's really poetic, and LL Cool J just a guy who thought he had a good flow, or it can be vice versa.

2. Rap and Hip Hop music has many literary characteristics such metaphors, rhythym, rhyme,tone,denotation,connotation,,symbolism,alliteration, etc.

3. I think I'm a pretty fair critic because I like all types of music. I think I can differentiate what meaningful songs are, and the songs that are created to get money or an audience. Even though I may not agree to some of the lyrics some artists may say it is their way of releasing their creative juices, and yeah sometimes I like the stupid songs and even the ones that mean something, but in the end it is the artist who the song is meant for.

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  1. Great selections! I can agree with your non-poetry choice. I've never heard of that song. :)
    Grade = 20/20