Sunday, February 21, 2010

Final Blog

In dreams Langston Hughes compares letting dreams go to different things; “For if dreams die Life is a broken-winged bird”. I find the theme for this poem more of a warning than a statement. He’s telling the reader if dreams are let go this is what will happen and he’s telling us to be careful and follow through with whatever we promise ourselves to do. This poem influences me the most because I feel like it’s directed towards me and that I should get my act together and hold on to my goals.

We Real Cool:
In this poem Brooks also warns the reader, but for different reasons. In this poem there is a setting in which there are kids hanging in the wrong area. In this poem seven kids at a pool hall. Around that time I'm assuming that was thought as a negative thing at the time but I think that Brooks set the pool hall as a metaphor for anything "bad". Brook's theme is a warning as well; getting in to negative situations eventually leads to trouble.... For example: "We real cool we left school...we thin gin...etc". This poem affects me as well because I've seen many kids go through this in my neighborhood and throughout school over the years. For example my little sister told me once that she went to the movies and the kids wanted to sneek into a movie. She told me she didnt want to but since she was with them she went along. She told me security went after them and she's never been scared in her life since that day. I laughed and told her thats what she gets for hanging out with stupid people. This poem reminds me of her. Hanging out with the wrong people.

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